Make Your Home... Smart.

iTech Smart Home is here to help save you money and smart home technology can save you exponentially over the long run. Smart thermostats can reduce unnecessary cooling and heating expenses and smart lighting can help you curb your energy consumption and reduce your electric bills. The convenience and cool factor is a big part of it but don’t forget the instant value add to your home.

New homes now have smart home technology built-in, so at resale buyer’s either expect it or see it as a bonus upgrade and another reason to buy. Today’s smart home technology can do everything from order your groceries to dim your lights, and the technology is only getting better by the day.

Turn on lighting, play your favorite music anywhere in the house, adjust the thermostat, open and close window coverings with just a touch of a button. iTech Smart Home will add immeasurable convenience, elegance, sophistication and value to your home. We make entry into home automation by customizing a premium bundled package that makes it simple to get started and we’ve laid it out for you. You can add features down the road or we can create a fully customized integrated system to suit your needs.

iTech Smart Home offers superior technology, creative design, and unique customization. The final destination is a state-of-the-art integration system that will provide convenience and luxury to your home. We will help you decide exactly which automation features you would like to include in the customization of your home and get the most personal benefit for your budget. We make entry into home automation easy by putting together a custom premium bundled package that makes it simple to get started.