Security for Your Business

Security systems are an important part of keeping your business safe, keeping your investment and assets safe are priority. We can help you get a system that is just what you need for your business. Some of the features of a security system include:

• Arm/Disarm • Locks • Lights • Remotely Controlled • Motion Detectors

• Glass Break Detectors • Climate Control • Garage Door Control

• 24/7 Dispatching  • Manage Multiple locations with one App

Access Control

Access Control systems give you the ability to control and secure your business or home remotely. This gives you the capability to know who is in your business and when. Monitor, manage and control access to your business 24/7. No need to rekey when an employee quits or is terminated.

• Access Keys to Authorized Users

• Keeps Building Locked

• Grant temporary access to visitors


Government Contracting

iTech has a rare distinction as a VA Verified company that can receive government contracts for a private contractor from the US government. This rare distinction insures that you get the highest quality of work and excellence. It also qualifies us to contract work in some of the highest security environments in the world.