Low Voltage Wiring

If you are building a new home or remodeling an existing one, going through a pre-wire process is essential. Making sure all the internal locations have access to connections that may travel the length of the home through walls and under floors is easier to do when the isn’t fully ready – if you have to tear up floor coverings or wallpaper to connect your kit, it might not be the best way to impress anyone else who lives with you!

Installing low voltage wiring such as CAT5 and CAT6 cabling or speaker wires will make your home look tidier and much more effective in use.

Here are some simple things to consider:

  • Will you want music around the house?
  • Will you have a computer or more than one computer?
  • Will you have TV via antennae, cable, satellite or all of these?
  • Will you want room-to-room control?
  • Will there be adequate telephone jacks?
  • Will there be a home theater? With surround sound?
  • Is paging, door answering a consideration?
  • Would you prefer one set of controls for lighting, temperature, music, video, etc.?

Pre Wiring Your New House

Most builders are not electronic specialists. They certainly know more about home construction than about home systems. That is why you will need to be persistent in most cases to get what you want. Many builders focus only on TV and telephone outlets and their placement. You may need to make sure you are getting all that you need and want.

TV & Telephone Wiring Outlets

TV and telephone outlets should be home run to a central location (that is, each wire should terminate at a common central point). This facilitates easier changes in the future and provides the purest signal quality.

Wiring for an iTech Smart Home is simple and straightforward. Commonly available wiring is used. We commitment to open design give you many choices for equipment connection.